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ARCAD makes designing your floor plan easy. The floorplan is generated quickly,  dimensions and calculated values are updated as you modify the plan. Precisely and attractively design interiors and exteriors using the extensive and expandable libraries. Plan multi-story buildings using the level manager and a flexible foil system.

  •   Design multi-layered walls, slabs
  • Design custom windows and doors
  • Automatic 3D generation
  • Automatic area measurements and much more.....


  • 3D views in multiple windows -within the roof, stair and roof frame design modules as well

  • Dynamic animations

  • WRML, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, 3D DXF, JPG, BMP export and more....


Use ARCAD's stair designer module for professional results every time. Staircases can be designed either one section or according to the stair contour lines that you supply. Specify the landings, supports and banisters. Enter values for the height of the stairs and 3D generation is automatic.  

  • Design individual stairs by specifying their placement in the top view screen

Comes with a library of more than 3,000 elements!


Transfer levels, 3D drawings and cross section views to a drawing sheet in the desired proportions. Drawings may include captions and text boxes. Prepare personalized template sheets using your contact information and logos. Export  line drawings in DXF file format.


Design new symbols, entrances, facade decorations, and even custom furniture with the 3D modeler. This powerful tool exponentially increases your design options! Extensive interior, openings and railing libraries complete your projects.


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