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Schematic Editor

Schematic Editor and Netlist Editor Circuits are entered as schematics with TINA's easy-to-use schematic editor. Components are chosen from the large, user-extendible library using TINA's component toolbar or the component list. Standard Windows editing commands-select, drag, zoom, cut, paste, and copy-make it easy to enter schematics of practically any size. In addition, all of TINA's analysis functions will work from PSpice format netlist input as well. Netlists appear in a netlist editor window as text which can be edited and saved.

Equation Editor

TINA includes a text and equation editor for annotating schematics, calculations, graphic output, and measurement results. Teachers will find this an invaluable aid in preparing problems or examples. Another powerful feature of TINA is its interpreter. Using the text editor, you can enter arbitrary functions and solve systems of linear equations or evaluate integrals. The interpreter can also process and then draw previous results and reference circuit parameters.

User Defined Excitation Editor

Another use for TINA's interpreter is to define arbitrary analog and digital waveforms. The interpreter allows you to use all the standard arithmetic functions, define variables and procedures, and reference the symbolic parameter names of circuit components. Digital waveforms can be created as a sequence of times and logic levels. After the excitation has been defined, it can be displayed, verified, and saved to disk for later use with any circuit.

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