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New05.gif (1676 bytes) myHouse version 14
Distributed by DesignWare Inc.
Combining the best of home design programs and graphics software, with ease-of-use, myHouse is the most complete home design program available. Design in 2D/3D enviroment in parallel. Unlimited symbols with 3D Modeler! Import 3D symbols from outside sources in SKP (Google SketchUp) formats! Make your interior design ideas, landscape and garden design plans! Now with lights, reflections, shadows, photorealistic 3D quality, animation, advanced roof- and stair designer and much, much more!

Sale prices starting from $29.95!

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myHouse TM
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3D EyeWitness TM
New05.gif (1676 bytes) 3D EyeWitness version 14
Distributed by DesignWare Inc.
The most powerful 3D visualization software designed specifically for the law enforcement community. Windows drag and drop ease of use eliminates any need for CAD training. Import 3D symbols from outside sources in SKP (Google SketchUp) formats ! Design in 2D/3D enviroment in parallel.
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New05.gif (1676 bytes) ARCAD version 14     Professional Architectural Design Program             Distributed by DesignWare Inc. 
ARCAD is a powerful, easy to use program for every aspect of your architectural project. Draw and edit plans in 2D and 3D, create photorealistic 3D images and movies. Design in 2D / 3D enviroment in parallel. Quickly and effectively design stairs, roofs, roof frames, landscaping, and much more. Calculate budget and materials estimates.
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New05.gif (1676 bytes) TINA Design Suite version 11
Distributed by DesignWare Inc.

The Complete Electronics Lab for Windows
Analog, digital, symbolic, RF and mixed mode circuit simulation with sophisticated graphic presentation, virtual and real-time measurements. Now with integrated PCB layout design, HDL, microcontroller (MCU), SMPS, Spice, S-parameter models, VHDL, Verilog, Verilog-A, Verilog AMS, SystemC, Super-fast multi-core engine, and much more....
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New05.gif (1676 bytes) EDISON version 5
Distributed by DesignWare Inc.
Multimedia Lab for Exploring Electricity and Electronics

EDISON provides a unique new environment for learning electricity and electronics. Teachers, students and electronics enthusiasts can use digitally scanned photorealistic components, a solderless breadboard, virtual instruments, sound and animation to create, test, and safely repair lifelike 3D circuits and simultaneously see the corresponding circuit schematic. Edison also comes with over 100 experiments and problems that teachers and students can use immediately.
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New05.gif (1676 bytes) NEWTON version 4
Distributed by DesignWare Inc.
3D Multimedia Lab for Exploring Physics
The virtual world of NEWTON v4 provides a completely new way of learning physics � the exploration of kinematics and dynamics on a computer in 3D. The virtual world of Newton is ruled by the simulated laws of physics, allowing you to build, manipulate and investigate your experiments interactively, without the limitations of physical models.

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