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  Product Information 

Simultaneous 2D and 3D Design

AVATAR movie maker

Photorealistic 3D Rendering

Virtual photos from any Angle

Advanced Movie Maker (AVI, MOV,FLV...)

Panorama Exporter (QTVR)

360º Virtual reality viewer

     3D EyeWitness  TM

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You can quickly and easily create accurate diagrams for crime - right from your laptop or desktop computer.

Easier to draw the floorplan than ever!

3D EyeWitness “House type library” toolbox lets you draw rooms and buildings fast - all to precise measurements! You can pick from pre-drawn building shapes and just enter in the length of each wall or drag it to a new size. You could also take the easy route of drawing the wall and modifying it later.

For the documentation of a scene you will need the symbol library. You can choose from hundreds of standard symbols such as doors, windows, rails, roads, stairways, traffic lights and signs, cars, emergency vehicles, trains, fire protection symbols, commercial and military aircraft, and more. 

 For the documentation of a scene you will need the symbol library.

Having the largest library of 3D pick-and-place symbols (1000 symbols cover everything from kitchen to bedroom, deck, to home office) was not enough for 3D EyeWitness. You can also create your own symbols (use 3D MODELER) and save them for future use!

For the documentation of the scene you can use special CRIME, TRAFFIC, AIRPLANE, FIRECARS, MACHINES, GUNS1, GUNS2 and GADGETS libraries.

You can insert a scene photo created with Digital Camera into the diagram.

Quickly Dimension Entire Scene !

3D EyeWitness dimension tool automatically calculates distances at any angle or length.

DesignWare accepts credit cards, checks, and even departmental purchase orders. Simply fill out and return  the order form.

Don't delay, order 3DEyeWitness today. You'll get 2D and 3D power, more than 1000 3D symbols, plus 3D MovieMaker, AVATAR Movie Maker and Scene Inventory modules....

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  System requirements

Operating System Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor Minimum: Pentium 500
Recommended: Pentium or better recommended.
RAM Minimum: 1 GB,   Recommended: 2 GB
Video display Minimum: Super VGA at 800x600 or higher
Recommended: OpenGL graphic card or DirectX v9 system
CD Rom 4x or higher
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